Requirements for submitting photographs to Preserved Diesels

To keep the bandwidth down and assist & speed up the editing time for postings on Preserved Diesels, could we please ask that photographic submissions are no wider than 1024 pixels, with a filesize no larger than 1MB.

There is a finite amount of disk space that we get before being charged for the site, so to keep things running smoothly and reduce our workload a small amount of editing prior to submission may be necessary. Failure to do this may result in submitted photographs not making it onto the site.

A number of photographers already assist us by editing in this way, which saves us a lot of time, disk space & bandwidth and is greatly appreciated.

Preserved locomotives only

As the website name suggests, it concerns preserved diesels (and electrics!) and as such any photos of mainline TOC or FOC locomotives will not make it onto the site, unless a preserved loco is hired in by a TOC/FOC, such as the hiring in of 55022 to GBRf that occurred in 2011.

Gen, news & diesel gala details

We’re here to help out all preserved loco owners & heritage railways, so you can help us by providing details you may want publishing be it news on a loco overhaul, your latest acquisition, details of your forthcoming diesel gala or a running day.

At the last count we had almost 350 email subscribers, so each new posting on here goes straight into the Inbox of 350 enthusiasts, not to mention the 3000 people that view the website each day.

Where possible we’ll put out the details on the next posting, but our crystal ball is not very good so if you want to get the details out then please email them to us. It’s better that we have too much information than none at all.

For all submissions please use the “Contact us” link on the left hand side.


Posted September 14, 2011 by presnews

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