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News – 22/09/11

Mid Norfolk Diesel gala timetables

Links are here for this weekend’s diesel gala timetable and simplifier to see which loco works which train.

MNRFinal and Simplifier_MNR

37413 moves south from Bo’ness

After three years of preservation, almost all of that time stored at Bo’ness, 37413 has now moved south to the Nemesis Rail facility at the former Burton Wagon Shops.

37413 waits to depart Bo'ness on 21st September - photo Graham Scott

The Derwent Valley Light Railway Commemorative Running Day – Sunday 25th September‏

On 27th September 1981, the Derwent Valley Railway (as it was then called) ran its last train from York Layerthorpe to Dunnington and return using DVR No. 1 ‘Lord Wenlock’ (ex-BR Class 04 D2298). The original line, opened in 1913, ran from Layerthorpe to Cliffe Common near Selby. To commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the closure of the line, the present Derwent Valley Light Railway Society will be running trains on Sunday 25th September using ex-BR and Isle of Wight ‘celebrity’ Class 03 03079 and certain trains will carry the actual “DVR Farewell” headboard which was carried on the last train. It is hoped that a number of former DVLR employees will be in attendance to mark the event and there will be a display of photographs depicting the final years of the Derwent Valley Railway in the ticket office of the former Wheldrake station, which is now situated within the Yorkshire Museum of Farming (Murton Park).

Please note that access to the DVLR is via the Yorkshire Museum of Farming; the entrance fee gives access to the museum and unlimited train rides. More information and timetables can be found on our website:

Ecclesbourne Valley Railway – Wirksworth

Class 20 loco D 8001 should by now have returned to Wirksworth after repairs at Boden’s in Washwood Heath.

33035 will debut in public service on the weekend of 22/23 October. On the Saturday it is planned to operate all the Duffield services, but on the Sunday it will alternate with a DMU so it can also do some runs on the 1 in 27 incline to Ravenstor.

See: for details.

As an experiment, instead of shutting down at the end of October, in November EVR are going to run passenger trains on Saturdays only to Duffield, with a modified timetable, to see if demand exists. Trains will leave Wirksworth at 11.20, 13.20 and 15.20. Returning from Duffield 12.10, 14.10 and 16.10. These will connect at Duffield with EMT services to and from Matlock and Derby.

Photo below shows 33035 whilst on  a loaded test run to Duffield on the 9th September – photo courtesy of Richard Buckby

Recent photos from the NYMR Diesel Gala

A fine selection of photos from Neil Walkling & Bill Pizer, with the first shot from Neil taken of the convoy at Guisdale.

.. and finally, from one end of the country to the other

50042 on an ECS movement at Bodmin 13/09/11 - Photo John Donohoe


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Llangollen Railway Autumn Diesel Day, Saturday September 24th

The Llangollen Railway are holding their last diesel running day of the year this coming Saturday. An intensive timetable will be run, featuring Class 26 D5310, Class 31 5580, Class 37 6940, Class 47 D1566, a Class 108 DMU and ex-ICI 350hp EE shunter “Davy” on a brakevan shuttle at Llangollen (subject to repairing a vacuum brake fault). This will be the first time that 4 mainline diesel locos have worked together at Llangollen since Spring 2008.

A timetable can be downloaded here: Llangollen Railway Diesel Day 24th September 2011 and further details are available from the Llangollen Diesel Group’s website.

The timetable includes a 3 trip evening Beerex service between Llangollen and Glyndyfrdwy, hauled by 6940. A licensed on-train buffet will be available and a discounted fare is available for those who just want to sample the 3 evening trips of £10 (cash only, payable on the train). Full day rovers are available at £16 for adults, child £9, Senior £13 and Family £40.

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NYMR Diesel Gala 16th – 18th September

NYMR Diesel Gala 16th – 18th September

The NYMR Diesel Gala had an impressive line up of locos with the home fleet being supplemented with six visitors. One of the many highlights was 55002 working its first passenger in 14 years, working Grosmont to Levisham on the 17:30 Whitby To Pickering Service.  The sight of a 33 at Pickering and a 73 at Whitby certainly proves that anything can and does happen!

Visiting locos were:

Class 55 55002 ‘Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry’ (KOYLI)
Class 20’s 20096 & 20107
Class 31 31128 ‘Charybdis’
Class 33 D6515
Class 73 73136 ‘Perseverance’

Home based locos were:

Class 24 D5061
Class 25 D7628 ‘Sybilla’
Class 37 37 264

The following photos are from Kelvyn Guest:

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News – 18/09/11

Mid Norfolk Heavy Haul Gala

The PROVISIONAL Friday timetable and loco allocations are below and will see more use of the 31’s and 37’s – often operating in pairs.

We must stress that some of this is still under negotiation so the information is provided basing plans upon where we are!


0900  Dereham to Wymondham    37003 (to Thuxton) + 37219

1000 Dereham to Wymondham     56302

1100 Dereham to Wymondham     37219

1200 Dereham to Wymondham     31235+31438

1300 Dereham to Wymondham     37003+37219

1400 Dereham to Wymondham     31235+31438

1500 Dereham to Wymondham     37219

1600 Dereham to Wymondham     56302 + 50019

1700 Dereham to Wymondham     31438


1005 Wymondham to Dereham     31235+31438

1105 Wymondham to Dereham     56302

1205 Wymondham to Dereham     37003+37219

1305 Wymondham to Dereham     31235+31438

1405 Wymondham to Dereham     50019

1505 Wymondham to Dereham     56302

1605 Wymondham to Dereham     31235+31438

1705 Wymondham to Dereham     56302

1805 Wymondham to Dereham     37219

Sat and Sunday to follow:

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News – 17/09/11


Work continues at Toddington on backdating 37248 to D6948.  The fully overhauled and tested steam generator was delivered to Toddington on Wednesday 10th August and craned into the prepared boiler compartment of the loco. Further work now remains to install and connect up the required fuel, water and steam pipework, together with electrical connections. It is hoped the unit will be steamed inside the loco for the first time in the near future.

The No 1 cab end buffers have been removed ready for round buffers to be fitted and the prototype bufferbeam skirts based on the original manufactures drawings have been trial fitted.

Further details and photos can be found on The Growler Group’s Website

Phil Seymour’s photo of 37 248 and the prototype buffer beam skirts:

D1041 Western Prince Update

As well as purchasing NBL MAN power units, doing record breaking engine transplants on D7076 and ever nearing completion, with one of the most detailed overhauls a preserved loco has ever seen, D9531. The Bury Hydraulic Group is also surging ahead with the complete general overhaul of resident class 52 loco D1041 Western Prince.

Stopped in September 2004 with a noisey input bearing on A-end Transmission, the last 7 years out of use has seen D1041 spend a large amount of time in store. However the tide is turning and inside 41 is starting to look like a whole new locomotive. Aswell as the complete mechanical re-build of A-end; Engine, Cooler group, Replacement transmission, all motors and auxiallry machines. Major bodywork repairs, bogie overhauls and more, the decision was made in August last year to do a complete locomotive re-wire. This was after a detailed assessment of the locos electrics revealed that 50 years of hard work had taken its toll. The loco was plauged with earth faults, the cubicles were damp and rotten, the desks corroded and with the loco currently stopped, the oppertunity was siezed.

Since August 2010, Prince has seen a huge amount of work undertaken within B-end of the loco. We are now confident in saying we are about a third the way through the extensive re-wire. The cab and desk were both stripped out to a hollowed frame and the corrosion was tackled. The two control cubicles in B-end were also stripped bare and every individual contact/relay/terminal bar were stripped down to nuts and bolts for thorough testing and rebuilding. With B-end cab now well in the stages of re-assembly, one cubicle has been refitted once re-wired, and the looms of control wire that feed B-end, from the drivers desk as far as the boiler room half way down the loco have been completely renewed. Work is now focussing on the boiler room with the dual brake control box removed last week, this was stripped out and is nearing completion ready to be re-fitted. A-end cab will now be stripped bare and the same treatment given. All work is being carried out to the highest standards.

The shear amount of cable within the loco makes it a costly job, as does the need to renew the 95mm2 power cables that feed the batteries/dynostarters/AVRs, and four of these run the full length of the loco cab to cab. At this stage we arent going to announce an expected return date, as we want all work to be done thoroughly, but a good couple of years still lie ahead. However with progress being made at a fantastic rate, the future is looking brighter for the infamous and much loved locomotive.

For further details as to how you can donate and help us bring this legend back to life, and keep up to date with progress, please log onto

Photos and writing courtesy of Matthew Lindley

East Lancs Diesels

A selection of Colin Partington’s photos of 33109 and D335 out in action on the ELR Sunday 4th September 2011:

Great Central Railway Diesel Gala

A selection of Colin Partington’s photos from the GCR Diesel Gala Friday 9th September 2011

Severn Valley Western 10th September 2011

D1062 approaches Arley with the 1155 Bridgnorth to Kidderminster Service – Photo Bill Pizer

D1062 arrives at Arley with the 1330 Kidderminster to  Bridgnorth Service – Photo Bill Pizer


Dave Bramley’s photos of 1842 (47192) after a quick repaint at Crewe Heritage Centre, now with full yellow ends and no ‘D’ numbers.


Glyn Williams photos of Triumph at work on the Bodmin & Wenford railway on September 10th 2011 – she is seen running around her train at Bodmin Parkway in the afternoon and also dropping down the hill towards Parkway on the morning trip.

The Timetable and Loco Diagrams for the Bodmin Diesel Gala being held over 24th and 25th September can be downloaded here Bodmin Sept 2011 Diesel Gala

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News – 14/09/11

Class 15 D8233 acquires bogies

The Class 15 Preservation society has been given a recent boost, with the acquisition of a pair of ex class 15 bogies from the Crewe Heritage trust. These bogies were originally donated by ABB Crewe works to Crewe Heritage trust when D8233 was located there. They have now donated these on to the C15PS and are quite important as the axles have the correct gear wheel ratio for the ex- Irish loco MV137 traction motors pinions which were acquired whilst the loco was at Crewe. The wheel sets under D8233 do not and without the replacement wheel-sets the project would have faced very costly measures to get 4 pinions with the correct ratio made. So our thanks go to the Crewe Heritage Trust for these, without them the final phase in D8233’s restoration would have been much harder.

The bogies are now on site at Bury and will be assessed with a view to restoring them to go under D8233, however there is much work involved, parts will need to swapped over and 3rd party attachments removed. The bogies may not be able to be restored for use under D8233 if damage to the frames or spring gear is beyond repair. The wheel-sets though are and if the case, they will be removed for renovation.

At present work on D8233 is concentrating on the upper sole bar level and it will be sometime before attention is turned to bogie restoration.

Photos below are courtesy of Chris Baily and show the bogies being loaded & transported from Crewe Heritage Centre.

55022 to haul Lincoln Christmas Market railtour

We are delighted to advise that ‘Royal Scots Grey’ is planned to operate SRPS Railtours excursion from Linlithgow to the wonderfull Christmas Market at the historic city of Lincoln once again. Brief details for the train on Friday 2nd December are shown below and a booking form is available below.  Thanks very much to SRPS Railtours for using 55 022 again and we hope that there will be sufficient additional bookings made just to travel behind 22 to balance their books to cover the additional charges compared to using a normal ‘fleet loco and ensure that tours starting in Scotland will continue.  If you can join us on the day, please do so!!

From LINLITHGOW, Edinburgh Waverley, Drem, Berwick-upon-Tweed, Alnmouth*, Morpeth*, Cramlington*, Newcastle upon Tyne*, Durham*

Christmas Special to the historic cathedral city of Lincoln and its Christmas Market. (Tour organised jointly with North East Railtours) – details & provisional times can be found on the SRPS Railtours website, here:

Fare £62   (Child £45)         First Class £89

* Fare £59   (Child £45)         First Class £84 *

Booking form: or at

Submissions to Preserved Diesels

A new page has been created with standard requirements for submitting to Preserved Diesels, if all contributors could please have a quick read over it before emailing us photos it would be appreciated. It can be found at or by clicking the tab link at the top of this page.

… and finally

We’ll be updating again in a few days with the rest of the recent images we’ve been sent, so don’t worry if your photos aren’t on this posting.

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Bo’ness & Kinneil Railway Diesel Gala – 1st & 2nd October

Bo’ness & Kinneil Railway Diesel Gala – 1st & 2nd October

The annual diesel gala at Bo’ness & Kinneil Railway takes place on Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd October and will feature locomotives from the home fleet together with a guest locomotive that has been requested.

North British shunter D2767 and Gronk D3558 (08443) will work a top & tail train, and 20020 will be appearing after its year-long loan spell at the Wensleydale Railway.

From the Sulzer stable there’s 26024 & 27001, and for EE fans there’s the newly repainted & named 37175 “W.S. Sellar”.

Also featuring group sales stands and on-train buffet serving snacks & real ale.

Timetables are here:

Saturday 1st October

Sunday 2nd October

More details can be found at the SRPS Diesel Group website

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