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News – 08/06/12

The Return of 50 017  “Royal Oak”

A reminder that 50 017 “Royal Oak” will be out in action on the Plym Valley Railway tomorrow from 1300 hrs.

50 017 will be hauling the Plym Valley’s three beautifully restored chocolate and cream Mk2 coaches, two of which retain their original NSE upholstery, as well as classic Eddie Pond artwork.

The Plym Valley Railway will be offering buffet facilities with food and drink on the platform at Marsh Mills. There will also be a raffle with an appropriate prize, and even some rather interesting commemorative NSE themed items on sale!

Full details can be found on the loco’s website here

Phil Seymour’s photo of 50 017 in its former guise April 2010 – the transformation is Superb…..

Severn Valley Diesels

Bill Pizer’s Photo Round up of recent SVR Diesel Workings:

D821 awaits departure from Kidderminster with the 09.55 to Bridgnorth, D821 is pegged away from Highley with the 11.55 Bridgnorth-Kidderminster, D821 heads for Hampton Loade with the 13.30 Kidderminster-Bridgnorth, D821 arrives at Arley in a downpour with the 15.40 Bridgnorth-Kidderminster 05/06/12

Different fates await D7029 and 20 177….

WSR Diesel Roster Update

For those who enjoy their vintage diesel haulage the planned passenger diagrams for the Diesel and Electric Preservation Group fleet over the next couple of months are as follows:-

On the 11.40 diagram from Bishops Lydeard:

Friday July 13th:           D7017                                       Saturday July 14th:      D1010

Friday July 20th:          D6575                                        Saturday July 21st:     D6575

Friday July 27th:           D1661                                       Saturday  July 28th:    D832

Friday August 3rd:        D7017                                       Saturday August 4th:    D7017

Friday August 10th:     D1661                                        Saturday August 11th:  D1010

Friday August 17th:     D6575                                        Saturday August 18th:  D6575

Friday August 24th:     D1010                                        Saturday August 25th:  D1010

Friday August 31st:     D1661

The 11.40 diagram gives up to 80 miles of haulage (two round trips) for the price of a Day Rover ticket, cheaper if purchased from the WSR Company website at

For the Late Summer Weekend it’s “Maybach Music” time to mark various Golden Jubilee dates for the diesel hydraulic locos of the former Western Region of British Railways and D832, D1010 and D7017 will be working the diesel diagrams during the two days September 1st and 2nd. This event traditionally alternates steam and diesel haulage through the day and standard fares apply.

And for the “Crompton” fan who also likes food there will be five Class 33 hauled “Quantock Belle” Wednesday lunchtime dining trains this year and according to the DEPG website the planned haulage will be by D6575. Operational dates are scheduled to be Wednesdays 18th July, 1st and 15th August and 5th and 19th September. Passengers will be able to enjoy a three course meal on the way to Minehead and there is an option of a cream tea on the way home. Cost is £26 or £30 with the cream tea which seems very reasonable indeed. Bookings can be made via 01823 433856 or on the website here

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News – 05/06/12

Great Central Crompton

Bill Pizer’s photos of the SDDT’s Class 33 “Sea King” currently visiting the GCR.  In typical Bank Holiday weekend weather 33 002 nears Quorn & Woodhouse with the 11.00 Loughboro’-Leicester North, arrives at Rothley with the 13.45 Leicester North-Loughboro’, after arrival at Loughboro’ with the 13.45 ex Leicester North and at Woodthorpe with the 16.00 Leicester North-Loughboro’ 03/06/12:

SVR 20’s

Rob Sheffield’s photos of the SVR based Class 20’s.

D8059 and D8188 stand Kidderminster, 8059 on the days booked 09.55 diesel departure and 8188 waiting for the coaching set for 10.35 departure filling in for a failed steam engine praire 5164, only working as far as Bridgnorth where praire 4566 took over the diagram.

D8059 at Bridgnorth waiting the departure time for the 11.55 to Kidderminster.

20 031 at the KWVR

Lewis Mitchell’s photos of 20 031 working the morning Diesel turns on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway on the 4th June 2012 taken at Haworth Top Field:

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News – 31/05/12

The Return of 50 017 “Royal Oak”

Dave Cunningham’s 50 017 “Royal Oak” will be making it’s public debut in NSE Livery at the Plym Valley Railway on Saturday 9th June 2012 following many months of extensive bodywork repairs and preparation.  The loco will be in action from 1300-1600 with the usual Plym Valley Railway facilities available from 1100.  The organisers hope for a good turn out which needs to be a success for the Railway.    

Severn Valley – Saturday 2nd June

A Class 50 will be in use this Saturday vice 37906 (ongoing governor repairs).

Bill Pizer’s photos of Slug 6’s recent test run. After receiving attention to its engine governor, 37906 underwent a loaded test run Kidderminster-Bewdley on the 27/05/12 with 50 135 & 50 044 in tow.  More work is requried to set the loco up.



Bill Pizer’s photo of 57003 with 31466 & 37308 running as 0Z38 to Lydney at Bromsgrove South Loop 29/05/12:

37 190

Richard Allen’s photo of 37 190 undergoing bodywork repairs at Swanwick:

MRC Diesel Gala

Bill Pizer’s photos from the MRC Diesel Gala last weekend. 20 048 approaches Swanwick Junction with the 14.24 Riddings-Hammersmith, 08 590 trundles away from Swanwick Junction with the 14.26 Hammersmith-Riddings and 47 401 arrives at Swanwick Junction with the 15.44 Riddings-Hammersmith 27/05/12:


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News – 18/05/12

Press Release from 71A Locomotive Group

By now most people will have heard that the 71A Locomotive Group’s Class 33 locomotive No 33012 suffered problems with the bearings axlebox on one of the inner axles, during a light engine movement northbound on Wednesday 9th May, to collect the visiting locomotives for the Swanage Railway Diesel Gala, which resulted in 33012 having to be stored at the Nemesis Rail depot in Burton-On-Trent.  While detailed investigation work is still to be carried out at this time (17th May 2012), it appears that the problem lies with either the axlebox rear seal and cover, or the axle bearings.  Until the locomotive is lifted and dismantled, the exact cause will not be known.

Either way, the bearings, rear seal and cover will all have to be changed, resulting in 33012 being out of service for a couple of months.  As well as losing thousands of pounds in earnings from 33012’s mainline duties hauling locomotives to and from diesel galas, the 71A Locomotive Group now has to pay out the transportation costs of returning 33012 to the south of England, as well as the cost of consumables and replacement spare parts.

To help the 71A Locomotive Group raise the additional funds to allow this repair work to be carried out, the Group are looking for people to help by providing sponsorship for the two items listed below.  All the blood, sweat and tears will be provided by the 71A Locomotive Group’s working members.  If you can help out with this urgent appeal in anyway, however large or small the donation, the Group would be most grateful.

Anyone donating £50 or more to this urgent appeal for funds will automatically receive one year’s free membership of the 71A Locomotive Group’s support group, which means you will receive the Group’s newsletter “Spitfire” free of charge for a year.

A special donation form for this urgent appeal can be downloaded from the 71A Locomotive Group’s website at here, which includes details of the items to sponsor.  If you wish to donate via the “Donate” button at the bottom of the home page on the 71A Locomotive Group website, the return of this form is also needed if free membership of the 71A Locomotive Group’s support group is required.

The 71A Locomotive Group’s website can be found here

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News – 15/05/12

GCR Diesel Gala

33 002 is due to be moved by road from the SDR to the GCR today.  The loco has been tested along the SDR after recently engine and turbo repairs and has also be partially repainted over the winter.  Photos – Peter Burrow:


Futher details and the Loco Roster/Timetables can be found here

NVR Gala Sat 19th / Sun 20th

Locos rostered are D9529, 31108,31601,31602,47812,55019,56301,56312 & GBRf 66/7

Evening Beerex, well stocked cafe at Wansford, Real Ale

Ticket prices on the NVR website although for the time being ignore the gala page and roster there due to a fault

Full timetable & roster here… or here in Word Format NENE VALLEY 19 05 12[1]

6940 at Llangollen

Bill Pizer’s photos of 6940 rolling into Glyndyfrdwy with the 11.00 Carrog-Llangollen, 6940 runing round at Llangollen, the 14.00 departure was cancelled due to the failure of 6940-13265 is about to remove the caped train from the station, 6940 heads towards Carrog with the 16.00 ex Llangollen and 6940 approaches Carrog with the 16.00 ex Llangollen 13/05/12:


Midland Railway – Butterley Diesel Gala

On the 26 / 27th May the Midland Railway- Butterley are holding a diesel gala , the line up so far is :
08590     20048     45041     47401

All subject to the usual.

33 021

33 021 has been used on CVR/Cauldon Lowe services for the past month or so due to no Steam on the Churnet Valley.  Photos from Frank J Richards:


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News – 14/05/12

Swanage Diesel Gala

A selection of photos of the Swanage Diesel Gala courtesy of Mark V Pike:


Severn Valley Western 12/05/12

A selection of photos from Bill Pizer.  D1062 pulls away from Kidderminster with the 09.55 to Bridgnorth, D1062 at Bewdley North with the 11.55 Bridgnorth-Kidderminster, D1062 climbs Eardington bank with the 13.30 Kidderminster-Bridgnorth and D1062 crosses Oldbury viaduct with the 15.40 Bridgnorth-Kidderminster 12/05/12:

50 044 on the Goods

50 044 climbs away from Bewdley with the 10.55 ”Goods” to Kidderminster 12/05/12 Photo Bill Pizer:

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News – 14/05/12

50 007 “Hercules”

Fifty enthusiasts in general were up in arms on 25th February 1984 when 50007 appeared at Paddington Station in Brunswick Green livery and named ‘Sir Edward Elgar’. Today some twenty-eight years later and we still get comments from people regarding the livery, Paint it Blue, Paint it Blue as ‘Hercules’ or ‘Hercules’ Rules ok are three of the comments we regularly here from people who would like to see the loco re-painted into blue livery or better still large – logo.

50007 Carried standard BR Blue livery for a period of fifteen years from 12th March 1968 when new until March 1983 when she was refurbished at Doncaster Works.

The loco was returned back to traffic from Doncaster Works in March 1983 carrying the new striking  Large – Logo Livery.

However, this livery was only carried by the loco for a short period of time before 50007 was repainted into Brunswick Green Livery at Laira depot in February 1984 and as carried the livery ever since.

50007 was named ‘Hercules’ at Laira depot during a routine ‘B’ Exam on 6th April 1978 and carried the name until 8th February 1984 when the Plates were removed at Laira depot.

On 25th February 1984 the loco was re-named ‘Sir Edward Elgar’ at Paddington Station and has carried the named ever since.

Preserved in 1994 and moved to the MR-Butterley 50007 still carries its Brunswick Green Livery and Brass number and name plates etc.

So here’s your big change to return 50 007 back has ‘HERCULES’.  You want to see 50 007 back in Large – Logo as ‘Hercules’ well it’s time to put your money where your month is so to speak.

We agree to paint the loco blue if you fund the repaint.  The current cost of re-painting the loco into BR Large – Logo Blue will be in excess of £ 3,000.  This will include body panel replacements where required, paint, decals and name plates.  The loco also requires a new set of batteries which cost around £5,000.  We are therefore launching an appeal fund of £8,000  to return 50 007 back to full running order as ‘Hercules’.  Please note: if the above venture is unsuccessful all money raised will be spent on 50 007

Please make Cheque or Postal Orders payable to ‘ Class 40 Appeal ‘ and send it to:

Class 40 Appeal. 65 Darby Road, Wednesbury, West Midlands, WS10 0PN.

47 117

47 117 (D1705) had a test run yesterday (Sunday 13th),  and is seen at Loughborough (GCR) in preperation for this weekends Diesel Gala.  Photo Rob Morel:


D9531 returns to traffic on the ELR Saturday service on the 19th May, now fully finished and commissioned after a lengthy overhaul and rebuild.

The loco will now enter regular service for the ELR and will be in use shunting, on works trains, passenger service and standby locomotive. It is also available for other railways events etc. (contact me via email for enquiries)

Video of it in action on the 12th, on a final test run with D7076 is here and see attached picture of it during shunting the bogies for D5705 up to castlecroft depot for their overhaul to begin.

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