News – 11/08/11

D5401 moves again

On Sunday 7th August D5401, the class 27 at Loughborough GCR, moved under its own power for the first time in 11 months following an overhaul of the main and auxiliary generators. The engine started and ran smoothly at the first attempt but a few control problems prevented it from moving for most of the day. These were resolved and the loco was then used to perform a small shunt. All was well so a test run has been scheduled for two weeks time. If this goes well then the 27 will be fit for the Autumn Diesel Gala in September.

20110 (8110)

20110 (numbered 8110) ran it’s last booked passenger services in BR Blue at the South Devon Railway on 06/08/2011 with a running day comprising of five round trips on the line. In mid to late August and September the locomotive will have bodywork repairs and a repaint into BR Green. Here are a couple of photos of the loco running round at Buckfastleigh on the running day, courtesy of Robert Kitley.


Below is a photo of 20 087 at Bury Bolton Street for the 0900 departure to Rawtenstall on the highly successful ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ weekend. The train consisted of load 7 so the Type one had to work very hard. The loco performed extremely well without a single fault and went onto work the Sunday Thomas services. Photo courtesy of Jonny.


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