News – 26/05/11

D7076 gets a new engine or two….
Hymek D7076-Having had issues with it’s original MD 870 engine with eroded cylinder liners and subsequent successful but brief fitting of one of D1041 Western Prince’s MD655 only to suffer also with a failed liner, The Bury Hydraulic Group are please to announce the purchase and safe arrival of a pair of MD 870 engines rescued in very good order from Clancy’s scrapyard in York.

Firstly the BHG would like to give a massive thanks to Mr Ian Summerfield and the guys of the Anson Engine Museum in Poynton, Cheshire for identifying the engines and getting in touch with us via the Western Prince website. Secondly we would like to thank Malcolm Kirkwood and Matt Lindley for cutting the deal along with Clancy’s and Alistair Morgan for the safe delivery and off-loading of the priceless toys!!
It is hoped that D7076 will recieve one of these engines with an outside chance that it will pull trains for the East Lancs Railway July Diesel Gala however we have our work cut out and we cannot confirm yet but all the stops will be pulled out in typical BHG stylee!!

Amazingly this has put us a good two years ahead now as the old engine will be put aside for the Westerns (ex D7076) MD 655 to be fully rebuilt, and with a little good fortune and a year or two down the line, Western Prince will once again Clag out Bury Bolton St and blast up and down the ELR for the pleasure of all! Photos Martin Tottle.


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