News – 01/04/11

Pontypool & Blaenavon Railway

At the Pontypool and Blaenavon railway 37421 was the first loco in the new shed extension at Furnace Sidings; it was propelled in by 73128 on Sunday afternoon. It is in the shed for body work and attention to the brakes.

37216 and 73128 will be in action this weekend working services top and tail at the PBR. 37216 will be on the uphill end.

Great Central Railway 1960s weekend

Last weekend saw several of the diesels at the GCR working freight trains during the 1960s weekend.

There was also a lot of fun from the yellow coats in attendance, based on the popular TV sit-com “Hi de hi”. Doubt they got many participants for the knobbly knees contest at Leicester North though…..

Photo Gallery from P&BR and GCR, with a NNR photo for good measure

More on the North Norfolk Diesels ….

Link for NNR Yellow timetable and timetable for Bus weekend on 9 and 10 April

Where it reads DMU it’s booked DRB 79960 and LEV is RDB 975874.

… and finally … BREAKING NEWS …  HS4000 “Kestrel” discovered in Russia

Despite rumours that the locomotive was believed to have been scrapped in 1993 the remaining bodyshell of HS4000 “Kestrel” has been located in Russia by a leading Scottish-based preservationist. It was not possible to ascertain whether or not the loco still had its power unit as it was seen from some distance.

It had long been rumoured that a loco such as HS4000 would prove invaluable to the building of HS2 from London to Birmingham as it had been regauged to 1520mm and even bore the same initials.

An attempt at repatriating “Kestrel” is on the cards and a preservation think-tank is currently being set up to carry out some blue sky thinking about setting up a steering group who will be tasked with carrying the locomotive from Rail Foplo depot all the way back to Britain.


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