News – 15/12/10

Loco restoration news

Recent work on D1041 (Western Prince) based at the East Lancs has seen work on the entire electrical system. Earth faults has led the team to go down the route of fully rewiring and restoring all contactors. The loco has been moved from the loco works back down to Castlecroft Diesel shed for further work. Those who are interested in Westerns may like to take a look at the website for D1041 Western Prince

Recent photos of restoration work on D1041 courtesy Jonathan Stevenson

Work continued on 55002 this weekend seeing more work on No 1 generator.  This involved removing the old insulating pots, the brush boxes ( Which have been cleaned) and brushes so the generator can be cleaned and anti-tracked. New high pressure hoses for the power units were fitted and work continued on No 2 roof section.  This is now painted underneath.  The primary gearbox was removed has this as a fault and required adjustment.  The next job is to fit the radiators and header tank which will be done in early January. The silencers have returned from repair along with the engine coolant pipes.

As the Golden Jubilee event at Bo’ness draws near the rebuild of 37175 has seen all the pistons & conrods inserted, all cylinder heads installed and the majority of the exhaust pipework refitted. The weather at Bo’ness has delayed the rebuild but there is still optimism that 37175 will be in traffic on 2nd January.

Running days & galas

D5310 on holiday in 2011
Llangollen Railway based Class 26 D5310 will be visiting the Wensleydale Railway in 2011 for the Spring diesel gala on April 8th-10th. The loco is also expected to be used on the WR on the weekend after the Gala.  More details about the event will follow in due course.


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